The ideas and dreams, being turned into a reality.


Before a great project comes to fruition, great inspiration must precede it. When deciding on what to call our passionate project, we had at least a hundred ideas. At first, we couldn’t decide. but after team discussion, we followed our passion, it is MOBA games and Ancient Egyptian civilization, it only made sense to come up with a name and image which encompassed the feel of the great games that inspired us. League of Pharaohs was the name we chose. It encapsulated the essence of our inspirations while maintaining a new, yet familiar identity of its own.

League of Pharaohs

A fusion of our greatest inspirations

Golden Color

Inspired by the greatness of the pharaonic civilizatio and how they used gold to decorate their existence.

The Boat

Inspired by the greatness of Khufu ship.

Ankh and the letter A

Ankh symbol to the life and letter A symbol to the pyramids and both symbol to life and death.

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